American Dreaming covers a wide range of subjects, including politics, public policy, social and cultural commentary, science, philosophy, history, satire, book reviews, and more. New articles are published every Friday.

American Dreaming doesn’t fit neatly into any partisan or ideological box. I could write one week about poverty or public policy in a way that leaves the impression that this is a progressive blog. The next week I could write about cultural issues in a way that leaves the audience thinking American Dreaming must have a conservative slant. You can find articles that seem centrist, libertarian, populist, elitist, or even Marxist. I am none of these things, and neither is this publication. My views are varied — and I pull no punches — but my writing also reflects my sincere effort to get the facts right and to be objective and fair.

In American Dreaming, I write the kinds of articles and essays that I, as a reader, would want to read. And I want to read colorful, thought-provoking writing that will challenge my views. What bores me is any publication where I can predict everything the author is going to say without even having to read it.

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